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How It Works

Step 1 Get matched with an expert designer who specializes in space planning.

Step 2 Use your phone to scan your property and create a visual representation of your space.

Step 3 Explore design concepts with a remote design consultation.

During a Zoom call your Designer will evaluate the existing space, its limitations, and potential. They will brainstorm initial design concepts and use sketches to visually communicate potential design directions for your project and ballpark costs.

Step 4 Get your preliminary designs with cost estimates to kick start your renovation process!

Choose from up to three concept designs based on the goals established during the initial consultation. Review and collaborate live on the call to develop a final design. Receive your designs, scope and estimated costs for a low price.

Kick start your renovation

Project Spotlight

Dave and Megan Balderston

Dave and Megan found a beautiful 1950s home in a great neighborhood in Wynnewood, PA. There was a lot to love about their new home, and also a LOT of deferred maintenance. The space they moved into is functional but outdated. With a long wish list and a limited budget, Dave and Megan weren't sure where to start. After preliminary consultations with the RenoFi Design team, they decided to tackle the kitchen and dining room first.

Before / After

See the full design solution See the design solution


$200k Budget

After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of their full wishlist with their RenoFi Designer, Dave and Megan prioritized the following items to kick start their project:

New open plan kitchen
Replace windows in the kitchen
An island with seating and storage
Increase natural light and natural air flow by adding a screen door
New cabinets and counter tops

Design Highlights

The final conceptual designs include an extensive kitchen and dinning room remodel. Some of the design highlights are listed below.

Remove existing wall between dining and kitchen
New large kitchen island with seating
Reposition the oven in front of what is currently a window
Open floor plan and screen door improves sight lines and natural light in the home
New large entry point into the kitchen/dining room
See the full design solution See the design solution

The Benefits

Professional Designs
A cost effective and professional solution for conceptual designs & cost estimates.

Traditional architecture services were too pricey for the initial exploration. We needed an affordable, professional solution to kick off our project.

Megan Balderston
Wynnewood, PA
Quick Turnaround
From initial kick-off call to contractor bids in weeks rather than months when compared with traditional methods.

After only two calls, we were ready to share our plans with contractors to kick off the bidding process.

Dave Balderston
(Proud RenoFi Employee)
Wynnewood, PA
Cost Estimate Included
Enter Contractor negotiations with drawings, cost estimates and confidence.

The cost estimate really helped us determine what we should prioritize and how we could maximize our budget for our renovation.

Corey Cusimano
New Haven, CT
Early adopters, friends and family of RenoFi received free services
Why choose RenoFi Design first over a traditional Architect or Interior Designer?
RenoFi Design delivers professional 3D conceptual designs and a cost estimate in under two weeks for a fraction of the cost of Traditional Architects and Interior Designers. Our design package is perfect for inviting contractors to provide an estimate for your project.
How much does it cost?
The initial consultation call is FREE, with no commitment required. Our conceptual design and cost estimate package starts at $899 plus tax. This price includes the design of one major space (e.g. kitchen, master bathroom, master bedroom, etc.). Multiple major spaces may result in higher costs. Schedule a call to learn more.
What does the RenoFi Design package include?
The standard design package includes two Zoom consultation calls with a professional designer. On the first call one of our designers will evaluate your existing space, its limitations, and potential before brainstorming initial design concepts. On the second call your designer will present up to three design concepts for review and discussion. The final PDF design package contains 3D conceptual designs of your renovation and a corresponding cost estimate, which you can use to request bids from contractors.
Why do I need to scan my property?
An existing floor plan provides our designers with essential information about your home that forms the basis for a well-informed design. Using your mobile device and a scanning app is both a convenient and affordable solution for creating a floor plan.
Is RenoFi Designs suitable for my renovation project?
RenoFi Designs is suitable for most renovation projects where spatial planning is required. Schedule a FREE, no-commitment consultation call to determine if your project is a good fit!

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